Online Services

Access to Online Services

All new patients aged 16 and over who register with Grenoside Surgery will automatically be entitled access to online services. This will allow you to undertake the following: -

  1. Book online appointments.
  2. Order online repeat medication.
  3. Have access to your medical record effective from your date of registration with the surgery.
  4. Clinical triage using NHS 111 symptom checker

Access to online services will be provided by the NHS App which can be accessed via the internet or on your Apple or Android devices.


Existing patients wishing to access online services should click the link below or come to the surgery and complete the online access form.

Proxy Access for Children Under 11 and Access for those between 11 & 16 Years of Age

If you would like online proxy access to anyone in your family under the age of 11 then there is a specific form in the Children’s Registration Packs which would need completing to authorise this.


The surgery will contact you once this is set up and access will be via a Third Party Provider (details sent with access instructions) on your computer, phone or tablet.

Following NHS England advice full online access will be deactivated on your child’s thirteenth birthday. Continued proxy access from the age of 11 to 16 is available if requested by the child and a form will be sent to them prior to their thirteenth birthday. If this form is not returned to the practice online access will be deactivated.

Once a child reaches 11, if they wish to have individual access to their own record, they should request this during their next appointment with a GP.


Please note when your child reaches the age of 16, and proxy access is still in place, this is when the surgery classes them as an adult. At this point any online access will be deactivated and they will then be able to apply for online access themselves.

Adult Proxy User Access

The surgery is also now able to offer patients the ability to allow someone else (a Proxy User) access to their online record to book appointments and order repeat medication.

This could be a member of your family or a carer and may help elderly patients who would benefit from someone assisting them with appointment booking or the ordering of repeat medications.

For adult proxy access the person does not need to be registered with the surgery to access a patient’s records.


For information on all of these options please contact the surgery.